Why You Need to Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market This Summer

LETTUCE declare that summer is a BERRY good THYME to TURNIP at the local farmer’s markets

Summer is the start of peak season for fresh local produce and what better way to shop than at farmer’s markets, especially with so many great ones in our nearby communities! Between Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Waterdown and Milton you’re bound to find a market open almost every day of the week.

All you can have fresh, healthy food
All you can have fresh, healthy food!

We have a bunch of foodies on the team at Lakeside Family Dental and we all love fresh, healthy food and trying new and different foods too! Many of the markets are also great spots to discover locally made art, clothing and other neat finds.

Connect with the community
Connect with the community

Farmer’s markets are a fun way to connect with your community and meet your local vendors and artisans. If you haven’t been lately, a visit is definitely worth adding to your summer to-do list. Farmer’s markets can’t be BEET!


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