Here Are The Most Common Reasons You’ll Need Orthodontics in Burlington

Here Are The Most Common Reasons You’ll Need Orthodontics in Burlington - Dentist Burlington - Lakeside Family Dental

The kind of orthodontics in Burlington we supply can help you achieve a beautiful smile and correct any issues you might be having. Orthodontists spend several years training and studying how your teeth move. These are the experts that are qualified to use all the tools at their disposal to provide excellent care.

Following are some of the most common reasons you will need to see one of these specialists.

Your Teeth Might be Overcrowded

Sometimes adults can find they have too many teeth for the space in their mouths. This type of overcrowding can cause gum and other long-term dental issues. Orthodontists can look after these problems in several different ways including braces and extracting one or two teeth.

Your Teeth Might Have Too Much Space in Between Them

In other situations, people can have too much space between their teeth. This can make it awkward for patients to smile. It’s one of the big reasons they decide to get braces.

You Might Have An Overbite That Requires Orthodontics in Burlington

This occurs when your front teeth extend beyond your bottom ones. Many people have this issue. However, a severe overbite can lead to problems like jaw pain,  gum disease, and tooth decay. Long story short is this is a misalignment of your teeth. It’s called a malocclusion.

Orthodontics are one of the best ways to move the teeth back into correct alignment and position.

Some People Have An Underbite

An underbite is the exact opposite. That’s a situation where lower teeth extend farther out than your upper ones. It usually happens when your jaw is misaligned. Remember this is more than just a cosmetic problem. Underbites can actually affect your ability to speak properly. This situation can even cause problems with your jaw and other teeth.

An underbite can also affect a person’s social life by undermining their self-confidence.

You Might Even Have a Speech Problem

Dental problems can even result in speech issues. Teeth are very important for your ability to pronounce words properly and speak. Some people who suffer from stuttering, and slurring or lisping can find benefits in orthodontic treatment.

Lakeside Family Dental supplies orthodontics in Burlington so you can have a beautiful smile and self-confidence. Interested in learning more about the services we supply? Get in touch with us today. Call or click the convenient tab on our website.

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