Myofunctional Orthodontics Treatment for Adults

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Struggling with restless nights and morning grumpiness?


Persistent neck pain causing discomfort?


Snoring keeping your partner up at night?


Mouth breathing becoming a habit?


Dealing with constant tension headaches and earaches?

Transform your health with Myofunctional Orthodontics in Burlington

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, Myofunctional Orthodontics might be able to help. Myofunctional Orthodontics is a specialized field that focuses on correcting oral and facial muscle imbalances in adults. By addressing the root causes of common issues, we pave the way for holistic health improvements.

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Child with Crooked teeth

What is Myofunctional Orthodontics?

Myofunctional orthodontics is an approach to dental care that focuses on addressing the root causes of orthodontic issues by emphasizing the role of breathing disorders, muscle function and oral habits in shaping facial growth and dental development. Instead of just correcting misaligned teeth, it seeks to improve the overall function of the oral and facial muscles, promoting proper breathing, swallowing, and tongue posture. By targeting these underlying issues, myofunctional orthodontics provides long-lasting results and can lead to improved overall health and well-being.

How big of a deal are Myofunctional Disorders?

Even though some of the symptoms associated with Myofunctional disorders might not seem alarming, they can lead to lifelong problems such as:
✓ Misaligned teeth and jaws
✓ TMJ, regular headaches and neck pain
✓ Lack of proper sleep
✓ Stomach pain and discomfort linked to poor digestion

Myofunctional Treatment is non-invasive, holistic and provides long-term results

✓ Non-Invasive: Our approach often eliminates the need for extractions or surgery, making the process gentle and comfortable for you.
✓ Holistic Treatment: We don't just treat isolated issues; we address the entire functional system, including breathing, chewing, swallowing, and posture.
✓ Long-Term Results: By getting to the root causes, myofunctional orthodontics delivers results that are long lasting, leading to better breathing, better sleep, and overall well-being that sets the foundation for a healthier life.

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What is included in the comprehensive Airway & Myofunctional Treatment?

Myofunctional Therapy: Exercises to strengthen oral and facial muscles and improve their function.
Myofunctional Appliances: Devices designed to guide and correct oral habits.
Breathing Retraining: Techniques to promote nasal breathing and correct mouth breathing.

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Dr. Michael Cohen

Comprehensive Airway & Myofunctional Orthodontics Treatment with Dr. Cohen

Dr. Michael Cohen has been practicing dentistry for 34 years working with conventional functional and aligner orthodontics. His comprehensive treatment with Airway & Myofunctional Orthodontics has helped numerous patients. Schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Cohen today.

Dr. Michael Cohen

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