Dental Implants in Burlington Questions and Answers

Dental Implants in Burlington Questions and Answers - Dentist Burlington - Lakeside Family Dental

Our dental implants in Burlington help many people suffering from tooth loss. Even though there are other options, many patients choose this route. Here are some of the common questions they ask and the answers we often provide.

Question: What are these dental implants?

Answer: These are posts or artificial roots that are made of titanium metal. They are inserted right into the jawbone replacing the root of your original tooth. The implant is an anchor that holds an artificial tooth in place. This gets fitted on top.

Question: Can dental implants replace more than one tooth?

Answer: Quite often these appliances replace one tooth at a time. However, there are other options like All On Four dental implants that can replace several original teeth. Ask your dentist about the options they offer.

Question: Who are the best candidates for these appliances?

Answer: You need to have healthy bones and gums to get the most from dental implants in Burlington. Bad habits like tobacco use can lessen your chances for success. If you have gum disease, it will need to be treated before the implants are placed.

Question: Do they feel and look natural?

Answer: A dental crown gets placed over the top of the implant. It looks just like a natural molar. Not only that, the implant is secured to your jawbone. It feels more like a natural tooth than any other replacement option available.

Question: How successful are dental implants?

Answer: The titanium that gets used for dental implants has a success rate of 95%. Many of the implants that use this material can last for at least a decade. Most implants last much longer and many dental professionals expect them to be around for the lifetime of the patient.

Question: What do they cost?

Answer: There are many factors involved when you are adding up the cost of dental implants. One of the bigger ones is how many teeth you need replaced. Your dental insurance is another big factor. Some dental plans don’t cover implants. It’s always a good idea during your first examination to ask your dentist for an estimate.

Lakeside Family Dental in Burlington has excellent dental implants in Burlington services. If you’re looking to enjoy feeling confident, speaking clearly, and eating healthy, get in touch with us today. We supply functioning smiles that are natural looking.

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