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Xylitol: A Natural Sugar Substitute in Burlington

Xylitol is a naturally occurring substance found in many fruits and vegetables that we consume daily. Extracted and processed, it becomes a white, crystalline granule that can be used as a sugar substitute in various recipes. What sets xylitol apart is its positive impact on dental health, its ability to stabilize insulin and hormone levels, and its promotion of overall well-being—all without the negative effects associated with white sugar or artificial sweeteners. Xylitol contains only 2.4 calories per gram and is absorbed slowly as a complex carbohydrate. It closely resembles sugar in appearance, taste, and sweetness, making it an ideal natural sugar replacement.

Xylitol serves as a natural stabilizer for insulin, avoiding blood sugar spikes and helping to reduce sugar and carbohydrate cravings. In the realm of anti-aging research, maintaining low insulin levels is increasingly seen as a crucial component of a successful anti-aging regimen.

Xylitol is considered safe, with no known toxic levels. Excessive consumption might lead to a mild laxative effect, which typically resolves as the body's enzymatic activity adjusts. A significant portion of xylitol passes through the body before carbohydrates are absorbed, making it a suitable option for diabetics and individuals pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

It's worth noting that much of the xylitol available on the market is imported from China and derived from corn. Xylitol Canada, on the other hand, takes pride in producing the highest quality xylitol exclusively sourced from hardwood trees grown in North America.

If you have any questions about xylitol or would like to learn more about its benefits, please contact Lakeside Family Dental at (905) 637-0801 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael Cohen & Associates. Our practice is conveniently located at 5353 Lakeshore Rd, Unit 21 in Burlington, ON.

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