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Primary teeth, often referred to as baby teeth or milk teeth, constitute the initial set of 20 teeth that children develop in preparation for their permanent teeth. These primary teeth serve essential functions in your child's early years. They enable proper chewing for good nutrition, play a crucial role in speech development, and play a pivotal role in saving space for and guiding the permanent teeth into their correct positions. Typically, the front four baby teeth remain until around 6-7 years of age, while the back baby teeth are not replaced until the ages of 10-13.

The development of children's teeth begins before birth and can be influenced by any challenges encountered during pregnancy. While the eruption of baby teeth through the gums may vary, the first teeth usually emerge around 6-10 months of age, with the lower central incisors typically appearing first. By the age of 3, most children have all 20 primary teeth, although the timing and sequence of eruption can differ significantly from one child to another.

Ensuring the proper care and maintenance of primary teeth is essential for your child's oral health. At Lakeside Family Dental in Burlington, our dedicated team, led by Dr. Michael Cohen & Associates, is here to support you in preserving your child's dental well-being from their very first tooth onward. We provide guidance on oral care routines, address any concerns, and offer valuable advice to promote healthy primary teeth and facilitate the transition to permanent teeth.

Contact Lakeside Family Dental at (905) 637-0801 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael Cohen & Associates and ensure your child's primary teeth receive the best care possible. Our conveniently located practice at 5353 Lakeshore Rd, Unit 21 in Burlington, ON, is committed to helping your child maintain a bright and healthy smile.

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