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Overbite Burlington

An overbite, where the upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth, is a common dental condition. While a slight overbite is normal, an excessive or large overbite, also known as a deep bite, can lead to various issues such as teeth wearing, aesthetic concerns, and even jaw discomfort.

If you are experiencing problems due to an overbite, Lakeside Family Dental in Burlington is here to help. Our skilled orthodontist, Dr. Michael Cohen & Associates, specializes in correcting overbites and improving overall oral health.

We understand that an ideal overbite should typically range from 5-25%, and we offer tailored treatment options to address your specific needs. Achieving a balanced bite and a beautiful smile is our priority.

Take the First Step Towards a Healthier Smile

Don't let an overbite affect your oral health and confidence. Contact Lakeside Family Dental today at (905) 637-0801 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Michael Cohen & Associates. Conveniently located at 5353 Lakeshore Rd, Unit 21 in Burlington, ON, we look forward to helping you achieve a well-aligned, functional smile.

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