5 Tips for healthy teeth this Halloween!

The spooky season is upon us! Halloween is so much fun with all the costumes, fun and treats, but careful those treats don’t turn your teeth into a horror story!

Here are some tips to keep your teeth BOO-TI-FUL this Halloween:


Watch out for sticky sweets and hard candies:

These types of candies stay in your mouth longer leaving your teeth exposed to acid and sugar for a longer period of time. Sticky candies especially are not so easily rinsed away with saliva and can be particularly hard to remove. Try to stick to treats that dissolve or wash away quickly, like chocolate. 

Have treats at mealtimeHave treats at mealtime

Salivary flow is increased during mealtimes which helps to buffer acidity in the mouth and rinse away food debris, making it a safer time to get a candy fix. 

It’s also a good idea to pick one time during the day to have a treat, rather than snacking on sweets all day – eat the chocolate bar all at once, rather than snacking from the candy bowl all day long. The key is to limit the amount of time your teeth are exposed to sugar.

Think about your beverages

Think about your beverages

Try not to double down on the sugar load with sugary drinks like pop or juice. Balance it out by opting for teeth-friendly beverages like water, milk or unsweetened tea.


Crush your sweet cravings with xylitol – a healthy, all-natural sweetener that actually prevents cavities! Have a xylitol lollipop, gummy candy, or chewing gum instead, or after a not-so-healthy sweet treat to help protect your teeth from the sugar and acid in the sugary treats. Xylitol products can be found at bulk food stores, health food stores and many grocery stores. 

Be extra good with brushing and flossing

Don’t deprive yourself completely; Halloween wouldn’t be the same without at least some treats. Just be extra sweet to your teeth with brushing and flossing too!


Happy Halloween! Have FUN! (and no, Halloween wasn’t invented by Dentists)


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