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Are You Avoiding Dental Care Due to Fear?

Did you know there are alternatives to help you relax? Dr. Cohen, Dr. DeCesare and the Lakeside Family Dental team offer sedation options to help patients who have anxieties and fears about their dental appointments.

Oral Sedation allows our patients, who would otherwise elect not to see Dr. Cohen or Dr. DeCesare the chance to have their work completed just by taking a small pill (need to reword). The stress that occurred with past appointments can now be eliminated.

Additionally, oral sedation allows you to relax through your dental visit. Safe and effective, oral sedation may be used to minimize fear and anxiety and allow you to acquire the dental treatment that you need or desire.

What Is a Sedation Dentist?

A sedation dentist uses medication to help you relax during a dental operation. It’s normal to use painkillers to help deaden pain during dental surgery. Lakeside Family Dental, we offer sedation services to help make you stay calm as we take care of your teeth. We can also use different levels of sedation to meet your specific needs. We also provide sedation dentistry for children to keep them relaxed during their visit.

What Are Sedation Dentistry’s Benefits?

Sedation dentistry is geared at keeping our patients relaxed as we work. However, there are other sedation dentistry benefits, including:

  • Overcoming Fear – Sedation dentistry is an effective answer to dental anxiety. With sedation, we can provide a more calm experience to keep you less anxious during operations, making procedures less nerve-wracking for our patients.
  • Faster Dental Work – The more relaxed you are, the easier it is for the dentist to work on your teeth. More efficient work allows us to get more done with each appointment.
  • Great for Special Situations – Some disorders can affect your comfort when sitting in the dentist’s chair for extended periods. With sedation dentistry, we can make your operation much more comfortable, especially if you’re prone to hypersensitivity.

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