Family Dentist

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At Lakeside Family Dental, we combine quality dental technology and patient-focused services to provide you with a safe and comfortable experience. It’s our goal to make family dental care much easier and more accessible for the whole family.

Our dentists are trained and experienced in catering to the dental health needs of all ages.

Full-Range Treatments at a Family Dental Clinic in Burlington

As a family clinic, we bring extensive experience and comprehensive treatments to the table. Our Lakeside family dentistry services also offer extra features to give you the dental care you deserve, including:

  • One-Stop Dental Care – At Lakeside Family Dental, we provide complete dental services for the entire family. Whether your older relatives need dental implants to replace natural teeth, or your kids need braces to realign teeth while they’re young, we’re here to help. Visit us for a convenient family dental clinic experience that meets the needs of the young and young at heart.
  • Caring Staff – It’s important for a dentist to have a great bedside manner during an appointment, especially when it comes to kids. We pride ourselves in offering compassionate, caring, and patient-oriented care to help keep patients calm and comfortable during treatment.
  • Preventive Education – Prevention is better than a cure, as the saying goes. At Lakeside Family Dental, we don’t stop at providing family dental services and treating ailments, we also work with you to prevent them from happening. We offer advice and guidance regarding dental care. Our dentists and staff are also happy to answer your questions any questions you may have regarding treatment preparation and aftercare. We always put you first.
  • Convenient Location – We understand that modern life is often hectic, making it difficult to find time for dental appointments. Our Burlington family dentistry clinic is conveniently located in Burlington to make it easier for patients to reach us. It’s vital you be able to reach us easily for us to help you care for your teeth, and we’ve taken that into account. For extra convenience, our clinic is also located near the bus stops to help you find easy transportation.

Experience Excellent Family Dental Care and Services in Burlington

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It’s important to have a convenient family dental clinic near you to make dental appointments easier for the whole family. When you search for a “family dental clinic near me,” turn to Lakeside Family Dental our centre offers exceptional oral health care. Call us now at (905) 637-0801 for inquiries or to make an appointment. Our friendly and accommodating staff will answer any questions regarding the procedure or family dental insurance.

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