Emergency Dentist Burlington


When a dental problem comes up, your first response should be to ring your dentist. If your mouth is injured or you feel a sudden surge of tooth pain and need immediate intervention, visit an emergency dentist near you.

Lakeside Family Dental is only a call away. We are also conveniently located within a shopping district and are easily accessible for when you need urgent care for your dental problem. Our team carves out time to attend to emergency procedures from Monday to Saturday.

Note that some dental emergencies need to be looked at within 30 minutes or less to prevent them from worsening. Set up an appointment with our emergency dentist or walk right in for emergency treatment.

When to Call for Emergency Dental Care in Burlington

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Dental emergencies are common, but not all dental situations qualify as an emergency. Get emergency dental care Lakeside Family Dental if you experience any of the following problems in your mouth:

  1. Severe tooth pain and bleeding
  2. Lost tooth
  3. Loose tooth/teeth (a loose and painless tooth may indicate a serious problem)
  4. Abscess or mouth infection (this can be accompanied by swelling gums or a swelling area around your face)
  5. Bleeding in the mouth
  6. An accident that has caused damage to your teeth or mouth
  7. Impact that has caused severe tooth pain but without visible signs of damage
  8. Loss of a crown or filling
  9. Severe pain after undergoing dental procedures like tooth extraction, filling, root canal, or dental implant
  10.  Wounds to the tissue of your lips or tongue despite not having damaged tooth

As a rule of thumb, any dental problem that requires urgent care to stop bleeding, minimize pain, or save a tooth constitutes an emergency. Severe infections that can threaten your overall health also need immediate treatment.

Emergency Dentist Cost in Burlington

The cost of an emergency dentist should be the least of your worries. Speak with our office to pre-arranged payment plans if necessary. Additionally, while we understand that the details of your insurance and its coverage are important, our priority is to provide you with the dental care you need regardless of insurance restrictions.

Get an Emergency Dentist Appointment Burlington

Avoid delaying treatment. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, call Lakeside Family Dental and tell us about your emergency. Our emergency dental clinic is open today. Our dentist will evaluate your condition, identify the appropriate treatment you need to alleviate your pain or discomfort and recommend ways to prevent possible emergencies that may happen in the future.

We accept walk-in visits for urgent dental needs. For inquiries or to book an appointment, call (905) 637-0801.

Please call today or click here to request an appointment online.