Cephalometric X-Ray

A Cephalometric x-ray, which is also sometimes referred to simply as a ceph, is a diagnostic radiograph used primarily for orthodontic treatment planning.  A Cephalometric x-ray is taken during the orthodontic records appointment.

Process of a Cephalometric X-Ray

The process of undergoing a Cephalometric x-ray is pretty straightforward. Concentrating on the patient’s profile, or side view of the head, our dental assistant positions the patient according to specific criteria necessary when taking a Cephalometric x-ray.

The exposure takes approximately 10 seconds and the x-ray is developed in approximately five to six minutes. Both Dr. Cohen and Dr. DeCesare feel that it is quite important to be equipped with the equipment necessary to take a Cephalometric x-rays.

Once developed, Dr. Cohen or Dr. DeCesare calculate how the patient’s jaw and surrounding bone will be affected by orthodontic treatment, along with how it will affect the growth pattern of the jaw and teeth. This can be used to determine potential courses of action and routes of treatment.

Please feel free to speak to Dr. Cohen, Dr. DeCesare or any one of our Burlington, Lakeside Family Dental team members on how the Cephalometric X-ray allows us to bring patient care to a higher, safer and improved level.

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